State Representative Michael K. Hanna (D)


Stephanie Borowicz (R)

The Christian Coalition of Clinton County held their annual debate night Monday night at the Big Woods Bible Church in Castanea. Four local candidates showed up to answer questions from those in attendance as well as the debate moderator. Candidates Michael K. Hanna Sr. (D) and Stephanie Borowicz (R), both running for State Representative for the 76th District offered their views and opinions on several topics including the economy, taxes, abortion and more. Also in attendance were Glenn (G.T.) Thompson (R) and Kerith Strano-Taylor (D) who are running for U.S. Representative for Pennsylvania’s 5th congressional district.

Watch the full debate below. (With the exception of one question during a battery change. lol)


School Vouchers

Uniform Gun Laws

Marcellus Shale

Civic  Organizations

Planned Parenthood

Abortion Clinic Standards

Game Commission Funding

Bringing $2 back to the 76th District for every $1 Spent

Separation of Church and State

“Bathroom Bill”

Convention of States

Closing Remarks